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The DMH SOFT was especially developed in-house for our DMH SYSTEM and enables professional manufacture of seals within minutes. Previous CNC knowledge would  be an advantage, but is not essential, due to the simplicity of our DMH SYSTEM.

The software is based on Windows and is compatible with any computer or laptop. It is constantly updated and enlarged with new updates. For our DMH customers we also offer trainings for beginners or advanced users on the DMH SOFT at our headquarters in Traboch.  



Brief description

You will find over 140 standard profiles divided by categories. Choose the category which fits with your requirements to see all the seal profiles in the category. After the choice of the profile, a sketch appears which you fill in with the dimensions of your seal. In the following steps the material and the semi-finished product dimensions are asked.

DMH SOFT generates the CNC program after that. All required tools and their position on the tool turret will be shown in an overview with a photo and a correction number. komfortpro_2.jpgAfterwards these data will be transferred to the DMH machine.  Any time you can change the specified dimensions of the standard profile and customize a standard profile to the needs of your customers.

Here you also have the possibility to watch the seal in a scaled 3-D animation before producing it. Due to the preview, you can avoid gross errors of construction or typing errors in advance, because of the optical view. At this point you can still make modifications to the seal, which are reflected in the 3-D model.



DMH SOFT also offers support for the calculation of your seal. In a clear display, you can easily and quickly calculate prices. The already entered parameters like the semi-finished material and dimensions as well as the sealing datas will be automatically applied.  You just need to enter the quantities to get the sale price, the required machine hours and machine costs. Change the semi-finished material, the dimensions, the differentiation of the quantity at any time to create the best possible offer to your customers.

Further support for our  DMH customers is included in "Technical Support" and "Tool Guide". The module "Technical Support" offers you more information such as for software settings or information of the possibility to pre-adjust tools directly inside the machine. Within the "Tool Guide" you can find all the standard tools and special tools listed with a picture and order number as well as the VDI-size and the control number in html-format. 


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DMH resistance guide

A further application of DMH SOFT is the resistance guide, which was especially developed in-house for our DMH SYSTEM. It is available as of version 1.5.3.M.

The DMH resistance guide is available in English and should help you to control the areas of application for your sealing material fast and simple.


Simple process:

  • Select a chemical from our database
  • A list of our semi-finished materials is published after that. Depending on the selected chemical and semi-finished material, the colour and the numerical value change from 1 to 4 regarding the operating conditions. (1=well applicable, 2=partly possible, 3=rather not recommended, 4=not recommended)
  • Now the best suitable semi-finished material for your area of application can be specified
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