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As a component of the DMH SYSTEM, our tools are tuned to ensure a fast and simple processing of the semi-finished products.

Like all other components of the DMH SYSTEM, the tools are also an in-house development in cooperation with reliable and quality committed companies.

For each of our sealing profiles the tools were refined and developed by our specialists again and again from prototype up to mature products for series production to guarantee our customers the best possible turning result.

Our tools are complemented by or manual and hydraulic chuck systems. These make it possible to easily and quickly perform the exchange of semi-finished products. The corresponding clamping systems and manual jaws as well as the necessary clamping discs expand our extensive tool range.



To make the change of tools as simple as possible DMH has developed the DMH VDIs.

This system enables you to keep the costs for interruptions of the machine as low as possible at the tool change since the change can be carried out simply and fast.


You can find our extensive range of DMH tools in our price list. Our employees will be happy to help you with any questions!