DMH 250

Fact sheet
DMH Maschine 250


Our smallest model is suited to seals with a turning diameter of up to 250 mm. It is affectionately nicknamed “elevator machine” – because its compact construction means it fits into an elevator, serves as a great entry level model or even a shop system, and brings together solid performance and a great price.

Model variants

  • Max. turning diameter

    250 mm

  • c-axis


  • y-axis


Product info

  • Application areas

    MRO area, hydraulic repair shops, seal retailers, mobile hydraulics

  • Equipments options

    The machine is available in the versions M (manual) and MP (pneumatic).

  • Scope of delivery

    Included in the purchase are software, basic tool kit, clamping system, chopper and suction system.

360° view

Technical Details

DetailsDMH 250 MDMH 250 MP
Max. turning diameter250 mm250 mm
Main drive power5.5 kW5.5 kW
Total weight1,100 kg1,100 kg
Dimensions (L × B × H)1,600 × 1,270 × 1,820 mm1,600 × 1,270 × 1,820 mm
Max. bar diameter24 mm24 mm
Slide traverse X/Y/Z156/-/312 mm156/-/312 mm
Max. speed main drive6,300 1/min.6,300 1/min.
Spindle nose per DIN 6350Ø 70 h5Ø 70 h5
Power input11 kVA11 kVA
Tool sizeVDI 16VDI 16
Turret positions88
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z15/-/24 m/min.15/-/24 m/min.
Barfeeder interfacenoyes

Possible Add-Ons

  • Airplast

    DMH 250 M, DMH 250 MP

  • Automatic machine door

    DMH 250 MP

  • Level monitoring

    DMH 250 M, DMH 250 MP

  • Coolant pressure control

    DMH 250 M, DMH 250 MP

  • Cooling water cleaning

    DMH 250 M, DMH 250 MP

  • Touch probe

    DMH 250 MP

  • Remote maintenance

    DMH 250 M, DMH 250 MP

  • Bar feeder

    DMH 250 MP

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Mitarbeiterin Ing. Sabine Steinegger

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