Apprentices at DMH

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We train. Our trial system.

Apprentice training is based on three strong pillars: classical vocational training rounded out with external specialized training and internal training. This means a triple-safe professional future because as an apprentice after completing your apprenticeship, you will be one of the absolute top employees in your field with a wide range of career opportunities with us.

Training system

  •  Internal Training

    We offer in-house specialized training, English and mental training specifically designed for our apprentices.

  • Classical Vocational Training

    Annual attendance at vocational school forms the theoretical basis for a successful apprenticeship at DMH.

  • External specialized Training

    Individually customized training with external provides round out the trial training system.

Your future workplace

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Plastics engineer

You as a plastics engineer work with a wide variety of fabrication technologies in the manufacturing of our products and will be trained in the fields of production engineering and production management. This will make you a specialist with wide-ranging knowledge in a future-proof field.

Training content

  • Participate in product and manufacturing development

  • Select, prepare and process materials

  • Manufacture products using innovative processing techniques in all types of plastics

  • Surface finishing

  • Operate state-of-the-art machinery and equipment

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Mechatronics engineer

As a mechatronics engineer, you assemble and service our DMH machines and put them into operation worldwide. You travel to our customers, install or repair machines there and train customers in the use of new machines.

Training content

  • Manufacture and machine mechatronic parts

  • Set up and test electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic controls

  • Program, install and maintain mechatronic systems

  • Assemble and install mechatronic modules

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As a machinist, you produce the required metal or plastic components (for example, seals) on our electronically-controlled production machines. To do so, you use machining processes (milling, turning i.e., removing thin layers). Your responsibility will also entail programming of our DMH software for complex components and quality inspection of components by measurement.

Training content

  • Produce components on computer-aided, but also on conventional machines

  • Program and optimize programs for machine tools

  • Set up machines and tools for machining

  • Machine operation and maintenance

Your benefits

  • Advancement and further training opportunities

    Our employees and apprentices have regular customized training and further education opportunities to discover.

  •  A crisis-proof workplace

    We consider it our responsibility to offer our employees interesting, long-term and secure jobs.

  • Exciting international projects

    DMH is a global player—you will participate in and accompany exciting projects around the world.

  • Work-Life-Balance

    Depending on the field and role, we offer flextime, work from home or even a 4-day work week.

  • Familiar environment

    As a family-owned company, loyalty, fairness and reliability are our top priorities.

  •  Numerous employee benefits

    In addition to numerous employee discounts, we offer free fruit and various types of sports activities directly on-site.

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We want you to be mobile. This includes a Class B driver’s license, for which we cover the costs from the first driving lesson to testing. So joining us is doubly worthwhile.

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