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Up-to-date stock lists enables you a direct insight into our stock lists!

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DMH image brochure

Our image brochure highlights a summary of our enterprise and products as well as an insight into our worldwide activities. We would like to express our thanks to some of our faithful partners for the support of this project!

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Below you can download our price list as a pdf file. Our range of products like polyurethanes, rubbers, PTFEs and technical plastics is displayed in it. You can also find tools, springs as well as accessories for our DMH machines in this price list.

If you have special enquiries, please get in contact with the respective department. Our employees will help you with pleasure!

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Here you can find our wide range of DMH machines summarized in one brochure. The brochure is available in the following language combinations: German / English, Spanish / Portuguese, French / Italian or English / Russian as well as in Chinese / English and English / Bulgarian:

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Learn more about our 50 different semi-finished materials, like polyurethane, rubber, PTFE and plastics in one of our DMH semi-finished material brochures. 


Semi-finished materials flyer

Our semi-finished material flyer gives a short overview of the most popular materials and a summary of some of our standard seal profiles.

 Flyer semi-finished materials English / German 

 Flyer semi-finished materials English / Bulgarian 





Semi-finished material guide

Our semi-finished material guides are available in German, English, Polish, Chinese, Russian, French and Bulgarian at present and provide more detailed information about our semi-finished materials. 


As well as the semi-finished material flyer, this brochure also gives an overview of some of our standard seal profiles.